「ORGANS WITHOUT BODY」 is a garment brand founded by artist “Andy Yen ” in 2012.
Andy Yen has approached multidisciplinary fields of creation such as visual art, fashion, multimedia, installation and photography. As an interdisciplinary artist with a strong personal visual style, he is keen on creating different forms of art and also specializes in interdisciplinary integration. Andy Yen has exhibited his works in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Taipei, Tokyo, New Delhi, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Andy Yen’s works between art and design. He also with some of the units like Swatch, Twinings tea, Nike…so on have been cooperation art projects.​
​「Garment is like body organs, your body and spirit existence through art into fashion.」
This garment brand, the series is to convert these artists organics paintings, used in apparel fabrics and structures, and garment to the continued growth of the life forms.
This series of garment like body organs, body and spirit existence dress and image vocabulary continue. Dominate the screen and color from the emotional to the rational so that the「Point, line and plane」a return to a pure organic world, alive, a form of sustainable growth; from the cell to the organization, from the organization to the organ, from the organ to the system, and finally turned into a body.